Pull Action Latch Clamps

DESTACO Pull-Action Latch Clamp features a handle that can be moved to place the clamping pull bar around the opposing latch and pressed down to reach the locked position. Ideal for sealing chamber doors, mould closures, and access doors. The latch clamp provides a powerful closing force, positive holding and convenient operation that make them great for assembly and checking fixtures. With either a J-hook or U-hook style latch, your clamp is easily adjusted with the supplied thread. With patented thumb control lever for one handed operation, plus the option of DE-STA-CO Toggle Lock Plus, the Pull Action Latch Clamp is perfect for repeatable holding applications. Features include safe, single handed operation. Innovative controlled motion with secure toggle locking action. Simple set up and adjustment with the added convenience of the clamp hook or arm moving and staying safely out of the way. These clamps are manufactured with holding capacities up to 7,500lbf. [33,4kN].

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