Horizontal Toggle Clamps

DESTACO Horizontal Toggle Clamps feature holding capacities of up to 1680 lbs (7,5 kN). Heavy Duty horizontal toggle clamps are high performance, high capacity, high force for all your automation and manufacturing application needs. The Unique standard design of DESTACO Horizontal Hold-Down Clamps lies in the low height design. The low profile gives greater hand clearance between the bar and handle, providing optimal overhead clearance. Unlike the handle and the hold-down bar of the vertical clamps, those of the horizontal handle toggle clamps move in opposite directions. Many of the Horizontal Hold-Down Clamps come equipped with DESTACO Toggle Lock Plus®, an innovative safety feature that adds a secondary lock to the clamp to help ensure that the over-centre locking condition is maintained and protected against unintentional opening. DESTACO is the industry’s leading global supplier of high-performance automation, workholding and containment solutions. Focusing all of its talent and resources on helping manufacturers improve precision and productivity.

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